Ensure your policies and procedures are compliant with HIPAA regulations

Do you know if your policies and procdures are compliant with HIPAA regulations?

Systems Solutions can provide the services of a Certified HIPAA Security and Compliance Professional to assist with navigating the privacy/security rules and regulatory requirements of HIPAA, the HITECH Act and the Omnibus Rule of 2013.

There are quite a few challenges healthcare providers have to face, and security and compliance are a top priority for most entities. A common misconception is that once antivirus software or firewalls are installed, company data is safe. The truth is, it takes more than that to ensure the utmost security and compliance for your company. There are in-depth policies, procedures, and agreements that have to be implemented; as well as in-depth business plans to correspond.

It’s important for every healthcare facility to ensure they are HIPAA-compliant to avoid penalties and headaches down the road. As HIPAA-certified security specialists, Systems Solutions can help keep your information secure by building a formal and in-depth HIPAA assessment for your facility.

“Many facilities think they have the proper policies and procedures in place but it’s often not the case. Don’t wait around until it’s too late.”

Our HIPAA compliance services will help you:

  • Create a successful, sustainable HIPAA compliance program
  • Mitigate data risks and bolster your compliance efforts
  • Identify the patient data and files that need to be secured
  • Improve cybersecurity policies and procedures

Healthcare Data Security Checklist

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